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27 August 2018

61% rise in London leavers as proportion heading North more than triples over 10 years

In the first half of 2018 Londoners bought over 30,000 homes outside the capital, 16% more than the same period last year and 61% more than 10 years ago in H1 2008. • Since 2010 the number of Londoners leaving the capital for Northern England or the Midlands has tripled. • The average price of a home bought by a Londoner leaving the capital rose [...]

16 August 2018

Proportion of overseas based landlords halves since 2010

The proportion of homes let by an international landlord in Great Britain halves from 13% in H1 2010 to 6% in H1 2018. More than one in ten London homes (12%) were owned by an overseas based landlord in H1 2018. This is up 5% since H2 2017, but remains down from a peak of 20% in H2 2011. Yorkshire and Humber have the second highest number of overseas [...]

6 August 2018

PROPERTY INSIGHT – The North / South Divide

The housing headlines over the last decade have been consistent – the country is split in a North-South divide. House price growth in London and the South has slowed, while the North has won out. Between 2016 and 2017 we saw a shift in price growth from South to North, with most regions in the Midlands and the North overtaking those in the [...]